Five Ways to be a Zombie for Under $50

There’s always some pressure in picking a Halloween costume. Maybe not from others, but everyone wants to at least have a good idea for themselves, especially without putting a huge dent in their cash reserves.

Fortunately, Costume Discounters has got you covered. There’s no better classic Halloween costume than zombies! And to top it off, you can dress us as a zombie without breaking open your piggybank. Hang on to your wallet (and your limbs), here’s five ways to be a zombie for less than $50!

$10 Zombie Costume

There’s nothing better than only spending $10 to eat your favorite split-brain soup!


Mask – shop now! | Blood Spray – shop now!

A mask and some blood are all you need to convince people that you’re preparing to eat your favorite meal – braaaiinnnssss!

$20 Zombie Costume

The $20 option is a great way to get your undead look on this Halloween!


Zombie chest – shop now! | Makeup – shop now!

Put some rips in your shirt and practice your growls and moans. With $20, you can become the ultimate zombie!

$30 Zombie Costume

The $30 option is great if your thirst for brains and blood is high, but not too high.


Brain hat – shop now! | Broken bone – shop now!
Blood – shop now! | Cleaver – shop now!

Get your brains out for the world to see, and then wield your cleaver and chase the living after the apocalypse!

$40 Zombie Costume

With the $40 option, you can transform yourself into an undead nightmare!


Gloves – shop now! | Wig – shop now!
Blood – shop now! | Makeup – shop now!

You’re just a few quick costume pieces away from making even those silly nonbelievers tremble with fear!

$50 Zombie Costume

If you’ve got a bit more cash and desire to be a zombie, the $50 option is perfect.


Makeup kit – shop now! | Zombie Chest – shop now!
Blood – shop now! | Cleaver – shop now!

Hopefully your appetite is acting up, since this ensemble will have you ready to chomp on human flesh and chase the living in no time!

If you’re looking to zombify yourself juuust a bit more this Halloween, be sure to check out the Zombie accessories from Costume Discounters!