Friday Fight: Iron Man vs. Thor

Friday Fight: Iron Man vs. Thor

It’s Friday again – It’s time to turn to a fight of the gods and men!

This week, we have, literally, just that. A man against a god – Iron Man vs. the mighty Thor. Let’s check out the tale of the tape for two of the most powerful members of the Avengers, who have already seen a little action against each other in The Avengers.

In the first corner:


Thor Odinson

Height: 6’6″ – Weight: 640 lbs – Hails From: City of Asgard, Asgardia

Bio: Thor was born in a cave in Norway, a god of the Vikings, and raised in Asgard by his father Odin, and alongside his adoptive brother, Loki. Thor has defeated many enemies of Asgard, and proven himself tenfold in battle as an extremely worthy opponent to all challengers. He is the god of thunder, and he wields his power with much care for the human race. He learned humility after his father sent him to Earth to live among humans in order to. teach him a lesson.

Advantage: Thor has incredible strength and durability, due to his god-like status. He also holds the power of Mjolnir, his hammer made of uru, which gives him his power. It allows him to summon bolts of lightening and also doubles as one of the universe’s most powerful weapon itself. Thor can withstand almost any type of attack without as much as a scratch, and can doll out incredible damage with his godly strength and speed. He is also capable of flight at extreme speeds. His experience defending both Asagardians and humans against a variety of otherworldly opponents gives him an advantage in battle planning and fighting that most do not possess.

In the second corner:


Tony “Iron Man” Stark

Height: 6’1″ (6’6″ inches in armor) – Weight: 225 lbs (425 lbs in armor) – Hails From: Long Island, New York

Bio: Anthony “Tony” Stark was adopted by inventor Howard Stark and his wife, Maria. He showed intellectual prominence from an early age, and attended MIT at the age of 15, majoring in physics and electrical engineering. At his father’s death, Tony took on Stark Industries as his own, leading the world in weapons manufacturing. He became Iron Man after being kidnapped in Afghanistan, building the suit to escape his captors. Since, he has helped save the planet on several occasions.

Advantage: Stark has an exceptional mind, which makes him incredibly hard to out-think. His MK II suit, which gives him the power to become Iron Man, is equipped with multiple weapons, including both lasers and rockets, and even allows him to fly at supersonic speed. He has superhuman strength and speed while in the suit. The suit is made primarily of gold titanium alloy and poly-resin iron, and can withstand heavy arms fire, electrical shocks, fire, extreme temperatures, high-powered lasers, heavy impacts, energy blasts, and with minimal damage, making him a difficult opponent.

You know the heroes, and now you know their strengths – So, you tell us… Who wins this edition of Friday Fight?