Fun Things To Celebrate in October

Just because we are in the Halloween costume business doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate all of the other great things that October has to offer.

Pick a Favorite October National HolidayBreast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

For starters, there is a full month of little known National holidays in October that you can celebrate. My favorites are National Teacher’s Day on October 3, National Stop Bullying Day on the second Wednesday of October and of course, the month as a whole is dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

Raise You Stein for Oktoberfest

Bavarian Guy CostumeEven though it begins in September and ends relatively early in October it is one that is enjoyed world-wide. It first started in Munich, Germany. Simply, it is a Bavarian funfest where people enjoy traditional foods, beer and Bavarian culture. Even if you are not German, it is common to don the traditional Oktoberfest costumes with men in Lederhose and women in Dirndl.

Celebrate Italian-American Heritage on Columbus Day

Flag that is half USA and half Italy

I’m on the fence with this one. I see Columbus Day more as an Italian-American celebration than one commemorating the discovery of America. Because…Columbus DID NOT discover American and the fact that the designation belongs to him makes me batty. There are several states that celebrate something completely different on this day. For example, South Dakota celebrates it as Native American Day and Hawaii calls is Discovery Day in honor of the Polynesians that discovered the Hawaiian Islands. Oregon does not recognize it at all…schools and banks remain open.

Enjoy The Beautiful Fall Foliage

The majority of the United States gets to experience the change of seasons. Leaf peepers can see the foliage at its peak all month long depending on where you vising.

Fall Foliage Map of the US

Image Courtesy of David Hernandez

No matter where you go you can take in some of the local culture.