Get Ready for the Amazing Amine-Zing Convention

The Amine-Zing Convention is a three day convention at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Davenport, Iowa that celebrates amine fandom. You’ll find events, guest and exhibitors highlighting the very best of Japanese arts. This will include artists signing autographs, amine movies, video games, amine art dealers, fan forums and tons of cosplay everywhere.

Asian pop culture is a hot trend. The convention brings the world’s biggest fans together and there are many activities to keep fans busy for all three days. You’ll be able to purchase all kinds of merchandise from amine costumes to plushies, art, posters games and so much more. Among the popular Amine costumes you can find at Costume Discounters are Beyblade, Bakugan Dan and Pokemon.

The highlight of the event is the Formal Fantasy Ball. People in costumes from the same series gather together to dance. They only ask that you refrain from wearing bloody zombie costumes, jeans or rave outfits. But for those who like a rave, there are two rave dances with DJs blasting Japanese dance remixes.

Fan lead discussions are schedule on a variety of topics but anything goes as there is something special for everyone. If you are unable to make it to the Amine-Zing convention this June 1-3, there are two more each year, the Amine-ZAP! and the Amine-SPARK!

Get your Japanese Amine and Manga costume now and get ready for the next convention.