Get Ready to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Over a month before Halloween, we celebrate yet another important costumed holiday – Talk Like a Pirate Day. On September 19th, people everywhere will don their pirate costumes and spend the day speaking in pirate lingo.

International Talk Like a PIrate Day

Embrace your inner pirate and join the celebration.  Here is a quick glossary of pirate terminology to get you through the day. After all, there is far more to talking like a pirate than simply saying, “Arrggh!”

Learn some pirate lingo

Now that you have the lingo, you’ll need the costumes. Men and women can do it. So can the kids. Everyone can be a pirate for a day.

Pirate couples costumePirate costumes for kidsPirate costumes for boys

Finally, you’ll need your pirate name. Use the guide below:

Find your pirate name

Let us know what you are doing to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Keep Calm Pirate Meme