Halloween Costume Weather Proofing

Halloween Weather MapIn most parts of the country, the weather on Oct. 31 is unpredictable. All Hallows’ Eve could be balmy and pleasant, or it could be cold enough to snow – a lot.

So when it comes to dressing up for the occasion, it pays to take some time to consider the possibility of inclement weather. And if you have kids who are trick-or-treating, it’s even more important to weatherproof their costumes to keep them safe. Here are a few tips for staying warm and dry on Halloween:

  • Go with a costume that’s warm enough in the first place. This is probably a more important consideration for kids and families who are going door-to-door, as you’ll want to display your costume without being covered up. Look for costumes that already have long sleeves. For boys, one benefit of the fake muscles in a superhero costume is extra insulation. Furry animal costumes are a good warm option for both boys and girls. If your daughter is intent on wearing a dress as part of her costume, find one that goes well with some warm tights and long sleeves.
  • When you’re looking for costumes, don’t be afraid to buy one that’s a little too big. That way, you can add extra layers underneath without compromising the look of your costume.
  • If you’ll be outside for most of the evening, bring a large coat that will fit over your costume if you need to warm up. Spending a couple bucks on a plastic rain poncho is also a worthy investment, as they’ll fit loose enough to slide over almost any costume. Nothing ruins the night like a wet costume, whether you’re a child or an adult.
  • For kids, look for costumes that already have a hat and gloves included. That will allow them to stay warm while also completing the look of the costume.
  • If you’re heading out for an adult Halloween party and insist on that risqué costume that shows a little skin even if it’s frigid, don’t try to tough it out. When you’re costume shopping, find an overcoat that to match so you’re ready for the elements. Don’t be the person waiting for a cab in your barely-there costume and nothing to keep yourself warm.