Preparing for Halloween… As Told by Disney GIFs

If a picture says 1,000 words, how many words does a GIF say? And does it say more when spoken by your favorite Disney characters?

Here are all of the stages of preparing yourself for Halloween, as told by Disney GIFs!

When you walk into class on October 1st and see that it’s decorated in orange and black…

peter pan

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When you can’t figure out what you want to wear…


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…but then you have the perfect costume idea!


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It’s finally the weekend! Time for your parents to take you to the costume store…


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…but they don’t want to wake up.

lion king

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YES! It’s time to go!

beauty and the beast

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What you think your costume will look like…


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What your costume actually looks like…

little mermaid

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But you still feel exactly like the character you’re dressed as…

toy story

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Time for trick-or-treating!


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And you eat like a king with all the candy you collected!


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But then you realize Halloween is over…

hades hercules

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…just wait until next year, I guess.


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Is this what your Halloween preparation looks like? Recreate these fun GIFs with the collection of Disney costumes at Costume Discounters, and make sure to have a magical Halloween!