Both Sides of the Story: Q&A with Harvey Two-Face Dent

Harvey Two Face Dent

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

When Gotham’s district attorney was quoted as saying this in 2008, nobody could expect what was coming next. He was the city’s white knight; a shining star in a space of burnouts. Harvey Dent was here to do what our eventual hero Batman couldn’t yet – He was brought to the city to bring justice in broad daylight.

A downward spiral, started by the loss of his love, followed by the loss of half of his face, culminating in his indefinite residence as one of Arkham Asylum’s most infamous inmates has led Costume Discounters to imagining an interview to get the other side of this already-familiar tale.

Harvey – Let’s start with the obvious; You were never built to be a villain. Actually, you were supposed to be more heroic than Batman himself. You were Gotham’s White Knight. What happened?

How can somebody be a “White Knight” in a city that’s so hopeless and a time that seems darker than it’s ever been? Truth be told, I wanted to be the one to save Gotham, but it just isn’t realistic. It never was. It just took somebody else to help me realize that.

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So, it was the Joker who created this monster who we now know as Two-Face?

Literally, yes. The Joker is the reason Two-Face exists in the sense that he put me in that hospital bed in the first place. Did The Joker create the monster that I became after the incident, though? Not even close. You heard Jim Gordon call me Two-Face long before the burns. This threat to society that I have become was always pent up inside of me. The Joker just helped me release it.

What about your coin, though? It seems to keep you in check… At least half of the time.

I may know this better than anybody – Life isn’t fair. Because of this, I try to be. Unfortunately for those that I work closely with, I don’t believe in “happy mediums.” When I flip my coin, both sides represent extreme outcomes.

You’re saying that you always play the odds? You always follow those rules, even if you do have a desired outcome before you flip your coin?

Do I always follow the rules? I always follow the rules. Heads or tails; it’s as simple as that. Sometimes I decide along the way, though, that a particular situation should become a best-out-of-three instead of just a single flip. Other times, it becomes best-out-of-five… Or best-out-of-seven… Or best-out-of-nine… Eleven… Thirteen… Do you get the point now?

If you could go back and do anything differently, would you?

What do you think? Do you think I’d be the half-faced FREAK that I am now? Do you think that I’d stop Rachel Dawes, the love of my life, from being burned to death? Or do you think I’d rather be an upstanding citizen and a role model to the children of Gotham? Sadly, I’m not sure that I know the answer to that either. Depends on the day.

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