Have a Mayan Apocalypse Party to Usher in the Solstice

The events of the past few months make us all wonder what the world is coming to, but do you really think it is coming to an end? Let’s just pretend for a moment it is. What would you do with your last few days on Earth? You can spend all your time praying, spend all of your money, or have a party. We suggest the latter. Mayan Apocalypse party will show your friends that you are not afraid of the future.

How to Have a Mayan Apocalypse Party

  1. As the hosts, you should dress in the Maya King and Maya Queen costume.
  2. Serve Mayan influenced foods like Mexican specialties and chocolate
  3. Make pitchers of Fiery Mayan Margaritas. Add a whole habenero pepper to a bottle of tequila and let is soak overnight. It will impart a nice bite to your Margaritas
  4. Plays like “I Never” or “Would You Rather”  If the end of the world is really coming, you have nothing to hide.
  5. Have a contest for the most creative last wish. Ask your guests what they would do if there was only one day left on earth and money was no object. The party host will act as judge. You can give a prize “Apocalypse Survival Kit” which can consist of humorous objects or actually be something useful like an emergency kit for you car.

Even TGI Fridays is getting in on the action with a menu and drinks in celebration of 12-21-12.

All previous predictions have fallen flat so we suspect this is a bunch a fooey too.  Consider this a party to usher in the Solstice and celebrate the fact that the dark days will slowly be getting lighter and lasting longer.

What would you do it this was your last day on Earth? Tell us about it. We may even give you a prize.