How to Celebrate your Pets in June!

Pet lovers, unite!  June is a month full of holidays just for your cat, dog and everything in between.

KittensIt’s a great month to be a feline.  During the month of June both the American Humane Association and ASPCA host Adopt-a Cat or Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.  If you’re looking to bring a cute cat into your home, consider adopting a cat from your local shelters.  They are in serious need of a good home so there is no better way than to partake in this special month.

If you’re crazy for your canine make sure to mark June 21st on your calendar.  It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!  Show off your cute pooch to all your coworkers.  But wait, there’s more!  Maybe your office is closed on Fridays.  Maybe you’re a cat person and not a dog person.  They’ve expanded the day to a whole week.  There are 5 days to celebrate your pets in hopes of inspiring a pet-less coworker to choose adoption!  Sit down with your coworkers and bosses to determine what day of the week works best for everyone who wants to participate.  Expanding the day to a week allows cat people and dog people to have their own days of celebration without causing a rift between the species in the office!

But wait!  The pet celebrating doesn’t end there!

June kicks off with Pet Appreciation Week.  It’s the perfect time to spoil your pet more than you already do.   And there are so many ways to make your pet feel appreciated.

Here are some of my favorite ways I found to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week!

Pet Bakery1. Find a pet bakery.

We know how happy candies, cakes and chocolates make us feel.  Why not share the love with our pets?  Instead of making them work for their treats, surprise your pet to show him or her just how much you love them during their special week.  These fresh baked treats are perfect for any special occasion but beware: some treats are tempting even for humans.


2. Dress your pet for the occasion!

Okay, this one is more for your enjoyment.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have a pet that lets you dress it up whenever you please, they might have hate in their eyes like this little guy.Unhappy Chihuahua

But seriously, it’s worth it.

“Resist this adorable costume, no one can,” says Yoda.

Yoda Pet Costume

It’ll be undeniable who the fairest of all the dogs are with this sassy Snow White look!

Snow White Pet Costume

Costumes help make any occasion a special occasion so don’t let your pet celebrate without one!

Pet Spa3. Pamper them.

Bath time might not be their favorite time of the day but nothing will help get your pet in the partying mood quite like a clean coat.  Go all out and pamper your pet because being that cute all the time isn’t easy.  Even your pet needs a day of rest and relaxation to recharge every now and then.  They’ll look shiny and new for their special week.  There are groomers who paint nails, tie on themed bandanas and even place pretty bows in your pet’s tresses.

Chew Toys4. Toys, toys, toys!

When in doubt, spring for some new toys.  Every pet has a favorite toy so that toy has probably been put through the ringer.  Give them something to go wild about by gifting him or her with a new favorite toy!  Although your pet might be distracted by his or her new toys, know that they’re enjoying the thoughtful present you bought to show your appreciation.

Although you don’t have to wait until the first week in June to show your pet just how much you love and appreciate it, it’s nice to dedicate a week to the cause.  There are plenty of other ways to show your pet you care than the ones listed above and we’d love to hear how you celebrated this year’s Pet Appreciation Week.

Now can anyone tell me when “Convince your Mom you Need a Pet” week is?