How to Go Green with your Halloween Costume

It turns out that this whole being more efficient and wasting less thing has sort of caught on, and we’re trying to figure out how to go green in all aspects of life. Halloween costumes are no exception, as there are a number of ways you can waste less as you search for that perfect costume this year.

Here four ways you can be greener – and save some cash – as you put together your costume this year:

  1. Raid your closet. Have some clothes in the back of your closet that you’ll never wear again? You might find that some of your old duds complete your costume’s look, as you can even use the fabric for head bands or patches if that’s part of your costume. You may also find that some of your components from costumes past fit this year’s look.
  2. Have a costume exchange. Organize a get-together with your friends where you can rummage through each others’ collections for items that might be useful. If you’re struggling for ideas, you may find much-needed inspiration by looking through someone else’s old costumes.
  3. Go thriftily. Secondhand stores can be a great source of accessories for your Halloween costumes, from props to clothing. Thrifting is a great alternative, especially if it’s something you’ll only use once. Also, you can donate whatever Halloween items you won’t use again to a clothes closet for others to enjoy.
  4. Use household materials. Show off your artistic side by constructing your costume using items found around the house. Maybe you can use the plastic from that old bucket as armor for your superhero costume. Or maybe tin foil will give you that silver flair you’re looking for.