How to win your costume contest

Halloween Costume Prize
Pride, a cash prize, praises showered upon you by an adoring crowd – all are reasons to go all out and try to claim the top prize at your Halloween costume contest. If you’re going for the top prize, you’re sure to have some fierce competition. So how do you set yourself apart?

Whether you win or not, there’s no downside to aiming for greatness with your costume. While you’re always going to be subject the whims of your judges, here are a few tips as you contend for the title of best costume this Halloween:

  • Know your audience. You don’t want to go for scintillating at your office party, as the only thing you’ll be winning is a pink slip. But if you’re heading to a rowdy college bar, it might go over a little better – but you’ll want to draw the line at something you wouldn’t want to see winding up on the Internet. The point is you have the play the situation correctly and know what works with the judges and other party guests.
  • Be clever, but not too clever. You can’t win a costume contest if you are wearing the same costume as 10 other people at your party. But you also won’t win as an obscure movie character that only a few people will recognize or an inside joke that very few get. Aim for a happy medium – maybe a long forgotten character that you know the crowd will love or a clever twist on a pop culture staple.
  • Sexy or shocking by itself won’t cut it. Being offensive just for the sake of being offensive is exactly that. You’re more likely to get a bunch of dirty looks than win any contest. If you’re going for shocking, it must have a purpose and it has to be something that people would deem funny or clever. If you’re unsure, test your idea out on some trusted advisers to make sure you don’t get yourself into trouble. If you need any help on what not to do, a quick Google search of “offensive costumes” might give you some ideas of what to avoid.
  • Pay attention to the details. It’s amazing how a tiny little touch can put the best Halloween costumes over the top. Maybe it’s an ingenious prop or an extra bit of makeup – it might be the thing that takes your costume from also-ran to unforgettable. Start early so you can keep adding to your costume.
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