Hunger Games Costumes For Halloween – Create your Look

For anyone who has read The Hungers Games, you know that the costumes, as described by Suzanne Collins, do not match the costume designers’ vision as seen in the movie.  You too can use a bit of creative license to create your own version of Katniss Everdeen’s Girl on Fire costumes.

Katniss was a poor girl from a coal mining region. She needed a costume that would make her memorable. Cinna, her stylist chose to translate coal into fire and make her the “Girl of Fire.” The book describes her costumes as a black unitard with a cape made of “fluttering streams of orange, yellow and red.” The costume from the movie resembled a pleather catsuit with an almost lizard-skin appearance that spewed heatless flames. See how the two compare:

Her Girl on Fire interview dress was described in the book as being encrusted in gems to give the illusion of flames but the movie costume is nothing more that a pretty red prom dress with those same heatless flames. Apparently, you need wind to activate the flames. It seems so contrived, especially to people who wanted the movie to be true to the book.

You can use a variety of costume pieces to create the Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Girls on Fire costume. All you need is a black catsuit and a red cape like the ones we show below. Then, take a quick trip to the craft store for a yard of red, orange and yellow chiffon, or similar fabric that you can cut into flame-like strips. Sew or pint them to the cape for a fantastic flame effect:

To make the costume look even more like Katniss, check out this how-to for creating Katniss’ look and hairstyle.

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