Iron Man Armors

In the new Iron Man 3 movie release on May 3rd, 2013, over 40 different new armors will be used by Tony Stark.  So far, Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Avengers have only featured the Mark I-VII but the new Iron Man 3 video will include the Iron Patriot, the Mark XVII “Heartbreaker,” the Mark XXXIII “Silver Centurion,” the War Machine, the Mark XXXVIII “Igor,” the Mark XXXIX “Gemini,” the Mark XL “Shotgun,” the Mark XXXV “Red Snapper” and much more.  Below is an infographic that demonstrates the differences between Tony Stark’s various Iron Man armors.

Different Iron Man Armors Infographics

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With the new Iron Man 3 release coming up, Costume Discounters is getting in tons of new Iron Man costumes that reflect the armors in the upcoming movie.  Want to see the new armors in action?  Check out the latest trailer:

If you are like us, you probably had a lot of questions regarding the difference in Iron Man armors. We did a lot of research and have the most accurate information available. We look forward to having you share this infographic on your own blogs and use it for your information. We are confident that even the most die-hard Marvel fans will find it very thorough and really awesome.

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