Interview With A Disney Villain: Jafar

Jafar Interview

As the Sultan’s Royal Vizier, a powerful sorcerer and genie, Jafar has had quite the resume. The most hated man in Agrabah proved himself as a master of disguise and a powerful manipulator. What’s more, he is the only villain so far to have shared a kiss with a Disney Princess. If the Disney Villian were to discuss his side of the story, this is how Costume Discounters would imagine it.

For starters, tell me about your disguises. How were you able to pull off the old man look when you convinced Aladdin to go in the Cave of Wonders to fetch the lamp?

We Disney Villains know our way around a good disguise. That’s one of the many ways how we get what we want. One thing I don’t think I get enough credit for is that I made that disguise without the help of any magic. Snow White’s Evil Queen used potions and Ursula used witchcraft. Mine was an elaborate arts and crafts project.

Speaking of being the only Disney Villain to do something, you’re also the only antagonist to kiss a Princess. What was it like to share that with Princess Jasmine?

It was great; something I thought we’d share forever… Until I found out it was just a distraction! It helped Aladdin’s little monkey friend get my lamp!

What was it like to live in that lamp after Aladdin sucked you into it?

My only company was a talking parrot named Iago. You know Iago. How do you think it was? That was the most pathetic thing about living in Agrabah. Everyone had an annoying sidekick. If Iago wasn’t enough trouble then there was also Aladdin’s little monkey friend or Jasmine’s tiger. Most Disney Villains had to deal with one or two animal sidekicks at the very most. I had three. And, as they say… It’s a crowd.

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Let’s discuss your magic staff. With it, you were able to hypnotize the Sultan into doing your bidding. Does that mean you can hypnotize anyone into doing anything?

Yes. Of course. That’s what made me different from the other Disney Villains at the time. I didn’t fight from the outside. I manipulated my way into the Sultan’s good graces to get my fame and fortune.

Then, why didn’t you just use the staff to convince the Sultan into making you the Sultan? After all, it was pretty easy for him to change the law so that his daughter Jasmine could marry Aladdin. Wouldn’t it have been easier to do that instead of going through the trouble to get the Genie’s magic lamp?

Listen. Just because the so-called Prince Abubu…

I believe he called himself Ali Ababwa.

Whatever. Just because he got everything he wanted from the Sultan… That doesn’t mean he got more recognition than I did. After all, his movie sequel was called The Return of Jafar, not “Aladdin 2.” Genie used a mask of me while singing a song in Aladdin and the King of Thieves. I was constantly mentioned in the Aladdin animated series, and I even got to fight alongside Hades against both Aladdin and Hercules. I consider myself pretty successful.


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