Laughing All the Way: Q&A with The Joker


Good evening folks, I’m The Joker: living proof that you don’t have to be crazy to host this show… But it helps!

The Joker has been a man of many names since the general public learned about him back in the Spring of 1940. He’s been called “The Clown Prince of Crime,” “The Jester of Genocide” and the “Ace of Knaves.” Those familiar with him best know that there isn’t a title you can put on this man, though, to paint the portrait of his lunacy.

In live-action portrayals, both on TV and in film, in animated features, and in comic book appearances, nobody has ever quite gotten to the point where they understood The Joker’s motives. Where does he come from? What does he want? Who will be next on his list? While the only thing known for sure is that nothing is known for sure, Costume Discounters figured it couldn’t hurt to imagine an interview with Batman‘s arch nemesis in an attempt to learn more.

Well… It might hurt a little.

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So many prestigious actors have portrayed you, Joker. Who do you think did the best job of capturing your true essence?

My essence?! Let’s get one thing straight – NOBODY can portray The Joker respectably. Most of the time, I don’t even do myself justice! When you look at interpretations of moi, though, you look to Jack Nicholson first! Cesar Romero was the first attempt, but Jackie boy took a more sadistic approach, and I LOVED it. Of course, if you talk about sadistic, you talk about Heath Ledger, too.

They’ve all gone about it in such different ways, but some factors have remained the same; purple suit, green hair. Of all the mayhem in your life, are those two things constants?

If that’s how the public chooses to perceive me, so be it! It won’t be my tailored suits or my hair dye that they remember when all is said and done. And THAT is a promise!

What is it about Batman that keeps you so fascinated? Would you call it an obsession?

HA! An obsession?! With the BAT?! I have no such thing. You see, I can live without him. He DOESN’T EXIST without me. What does a NINJA who dresses like a RODENT do with his time if he doesn’t have a world-class criminal to stop? No, really… I’m asking you, Costume Discounters!

Batman often resents having the help of his sidekicks Robin and Batgirl. What would you say about your relationship with other Arkham Asylum inmates? Do you appreciate their help?

HELP?! I don’t need HELP! If the other inmates at Arkham choose to follow my lead, then that’s their decision. I didn’t turn Harvey Dent into Two-Face. He did that on his own because he saw a clown making more sense than his FEARLESS LEADERS in law enforcement ever did. Do you really want me to get started on Harley Quinn?!

I’ll likely regret asking this of you… What’s your next move?

You’re right.

I’m right?

You will regret asking.

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