Dawn of Just-Eggs: Easter Egg Costumes [Printable]

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With Easter fast approaching and superheros currently being more popular than ever, Costume Discounters has a special treat to save the day… The Justice League is teaming up in your Easter baskets!

With Bategg, Superegg, Wondegg Woman, and Eggquaman, all of your delicious chocolates will be safe and sound as it stays buried under all of that annoying fake plastic grass with no threats of evil in sight. Take our word for it – these eggs would dye to ensure the safety of your gifts from the Easter Bunny.

Justice League

Look at all that justice! It’s hard to believe that Leggs Luthor or the Yolker would stand any kind of chance against these good eggs! Let’s meet your new heroes!


Batman Egg CostumeWhy so serious, Bategg? Is that rotten Yolker is causing trouble in Gotham again?

Batman Easter Egg Printable

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Superman Easter Egg

Leggs Luthor doesn’t stand a chance against Superegg. He fights for truth, justice and the Eggmerican way.

Superman Egg

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Wondegg Woman

Wonder Woman Easter Egg

Princess Diana of Planet Theggmyscira travels to your earthly Easter basket to become Wondegg Woman.

Wonder Woman Easter Egg

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Aquaman Egg Costume

Eggquaman, protector of all the sea-eggs, is happy to fight alongside his three pals in the name of just-eggs.

Aquaman Egg Costume Printable

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To bring this superhero group to your Easter basket this Spring, you’ll need scissors (or an x-acto knife for those detailed lines), double-sided tape and at least four eggs.


Don’t let your eggs have all the fun this Easter! If the Easter Bunny is looking to give your hero something to wear, too, GET CRACKIN’! Costume Discounters has DC Comics styles that you can shell out as gifts!