9 Sexy SFW GIFs of the Guys from “Magic Mike: XXL”

9 Sexy SFW GIFs of the Guys from “Magic Mike: XXL”

They’re back! And the Magic Mike XXL fellas are ready to make all of your fantasies come true… Again. When it comes to celebrating the beauty of the cast, it’s difficult not to think of their incredible performances, however, these GIFs show that sexiness exists even when they keep their clothes on.

Warning: While these GIFs may be SFW, you may experience some NSFW reactions.

1. When Channing Tatum shows off his dance moves…or when he moves at all:

channing tatum

2. When Matt Bomer has an itch you desperately want to help him scratch:

Matt Bomer

3. When Joe Manganiello winks at you and gives you feelings you never thought you’d feel:

joe manganiello

4. When Donald Glover laughs and shows off his pearly whites:

donald glover

5. When Adam Rodriguez gives you a shy smile and makes you feel like the sexy one:

adam rodriguez

6. When Kevin Nash suggestively taunts you:

kevin nash

7. When Stephen “Twitch” Boss takes control and you wish you were his “dance partner:”

stephen twitch boss

8. When Alex Pettyfer gets all wet and makes you miss him in the sequel:

alex pettyfer

9. When Matthew McConaughey is next to you in bed and you want him to portray Dallas again:

matthew mcconaughey