Man of Steel Review

Man of Steel StillIt’s no surprise that Man of Steel is pulling in big numbers in the box office.  This is one of the most anticipated action movies of the summer.  I mean, it’s Superman.  Who wouldn’t be excited?  But you might want to think twice before checking out this film.

I expected it to be different.  I’m the type of moviegoer who likes to make informed decisions about what I spend money on in the theaters.  This latest Superman story was supposed to make the superhero more relatable, giving him human-like struggles.  Instead, Henry Cavill’s portrayal left the Man of Steel feeling stiff.  Don’t get me wrong, he looked great.  But if Zach Snyder was trying to create a compelling Superman, he got lost along the way.

Henry Cavill as Superman

I mean, look at him.

And by lost, I mean he totally derailed the movie with the last 45 minutes of explosions, special effects and intensity that wasn’t there before.  It just wasn’t how I expected the story to go after investing in the first hundred minutes or so.  It’s an action movie meant to give us a deeper understanding into this god-like superhero and yet it didn’t.

Do I give it an A for effort?  Maybe.  I can’t deny that there were good qualities about the film as well. What I do give an A for however, is Henry Cavill in the Superman Man of Steel costume.

Everything looked beautiful, from the actors to the cinematography.  There’s no dying that Snyder can produce a good looking film.

It was also nice to see Lois Lane as something other than a damsel in distress.  Although this is how she has been portrayed time and time again, it’s a breath of fresh air to see Superman not constantly having to save her.  Maybe it’s romantic the first few times but after that, I can’t figure out why Superman doesn’t just dump Lois because she’s a serious liability.

Superman and Lois Lane

And lastly, I like that in this portrayal, Superman doesn’t make the humans around him look dumb.  I’m sorry, but putting on a pair of glasses does not change a person so much so that you wouldn’t recognize him or her with or without him.  Even if his identity was questioned, the ways he squashes the theories have always been ridiculous.  This Clark Kent has been hiding away from humanity, moving from job-to-job.

I’m not afraid to admit that Superman isn’t exactly my favorite superhero.  All of this criticism could stem from that simple fact.  Or maybe it’s due to the fact that this was just a different approach that I (and many other people) just can’t grasp.  I just can’t get behind a story so unnecessarily disjointed.

So, this is a call to action to all Superman fans, both die-hard and mere enthusiasts.  How did this reboot hold up to the Superman franchise?