Meet Miles Morales – The Ultimate Spider-Man

Miles Morales

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This summer, Marvel is smashing together universes to make one big earth for their comic book characters to inhabit, pulling in favorites from different dimensions and alternate timelines. Readers get to dive into this new Universe in October, when the famed comic book publisher will release a whole spate of brand new #1 issues.

While Amazing Spider-Man #1 will be home to Peter Parker’s adventures, there’s a different hero filling the pages of Spider-Man #1: Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Who is he?

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

On an alternate universe best known for having a Samuel L. Jackson inspired Nick Fury (fun fact: Ultimate Nick Fury debuted in 2002, six years before Samuel L. Jackson actually played him in Iron Man), Peter Parker met his end at the hands of Norman Osborn after more than 100 issues as the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe. Shortly before Peter’s death, another radioactive spider got loose, and bit the hand of 13-year-old Miles Morales. Inspired by the fallen Peter Parker, and spurred by his best friend Ganke, Miles eventually donned a spider suit of his own and hit the streets to pick up where Peter Parker left off.

What are his powers?

Like Peter Parker before him, Miles Morales can do whatever a spider can. But these aren’t your grandpa’s spider powers. Not only can Miles stick to walls and call upon the proportional strength and speed of a spider, he can also turn invisible and administer a paralyzing venom blast.

Who are his supporting players?

Any super hero worth their salt needs a good supporting cast.

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Ganke – The Best Friend
First and foremost in Mile’s arsenal of allies is his best friend Ganke. Ganke and Miles have been friends since childhood, and when Miles discovered his powers, the first thing he did was share the news with Ganke. While our burgeoning hero was scared of his powers at first and wanted nothing to do with them, Ganke was blown away from the moment he saw his best friend’s new abilities. With an encyclopedic knowledge of all things super hero, and a sense of wonder that eroded Miles’ initial apprehensions, Ganke played an integral part in Miles becoming the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Jessica Drew (Ultimate Spider-Woman) - Image via

Jessica Drew (Ultimate Spider-Woman) – Image via

Jessica Drew – The Mentor
Not everyone took kindly to a new Spider-Man patrolling the streets so soon after the death of the original, and no one was more upset than Jessica Drew, the Ultimate Spider-Woman. A female clone of Peter Parker, the first thing Jessica did upon meeting Miles was to beat the snot out of him and turn him over to Nick Fury. But once Miles proved himself worthy of the webs, Jessica personally delivered him his new costume, and took it upon herself to make sure the new Spider-Man didn’t end up like the old one.

Aunt May – The Torch-Bearer
Being a super hero is hard work, and there’s not exactly an instruction manual on how to go about it. Despite getting the okay from Jessica Drew and Nick Fury, Miles still didn’t know how to be Spider-Man. At a loss for what to do, he asked himself, “What would Peter Parker do?” But without ever actually meeting Peter, following in his footsteps was a tall order, and Miles doubted he could ever live up to the iconic hero. Then he met Aunt May. Despite losing her nephew, she knew better than anyone that the world needs Spider-Man. So she sought out Miles and told him, “Don’t do what Peter would do. Do what Miles Morales would do,” and set Miles on his own path as a hero. To complete the passing of the torch, Aunt May gave him the one thing he was still missing—Peter’s old web shooters. And with that, Miles Morales officially became the Ultimate Spider-Man.

The Costume

Ultimate Spider Man

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In this day and age, it can be hard for new super heroes to make their mark. The originals have been around for decades, and have amassed legions of fans. More often than not, new super heroes are just a flash in the pan. If Miles Morales was going to stick around, he needed more than a great story—he needed an iconic look. And artists Sara Pichelli and Joe Quesada happily obliged, giving us one of the coolest super hero costumes in all of Marvel Comics. And it’s a look that’s caught on in the cosplay community like wildfire. Nowadays, no matter what comic book convention you go to, you’re bound to catch a few Ultimate Spider-Men walking the halls.

For anyone looking to join their ranks, we suggest you start out with our black skin suit, available in child, adult, and plus sizes. But that’s just the foundation. Sound off in the comments below, and let us know your strategies for completing the look.

And for all you Peter Parker purists, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.