Disney’s Moana Paper Dolls

By November 3, 2016 Printables No Comments

If you and your friends were about to go on an adventure with a god and a princess, how would you dress?

While Costume Discounters CAN help you out, we know it’s unlikely that you’ll be battling the ocean or some coconut warriors anytime soon… Not like Moana and Maui will be going up against, anyway. So, maybe put a hold on how YOU will be dressing, and worry more about how your new animated favorites should appear.

With Moana slated to hit theaters later this month, we’re bringing you the leading characters from this new Disney classic with their trademark looks – and maybe one look they might not be wearing in the movie – so you can choose the fate of their attire when they’re riding the waves.

Click the images below for larger, printable versions.


Moana Paper Doll


Maui Paper Doll

With these fun paper dolls, you can give Moana her trademark style, or switch it up with a Minnie Mouse costume as she gets into the Disney spirit. Let Maui remind you of his true warrior heritage with his traditional look, give him a Hawaiian-style shirt to hark back to his island roots, unless you think he looks a little better in some mouse ears.

Paper dolls aren’t the only thing that you can dress up this summer. Check out the wide varety of Disney costumes and accessories at Costume Discounters to make yourself as festive as can be!