What are your plans for the final Harry Potter?

Fans of the Harry Potter series have had July 15 circled on their calendars pretty much since the date for the final installment, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – Part 2,” was announced. Hint: If you haven’t purchased advanced tickets for opening night, now’s the time.


    So how are you planning to see Harry, Hermoine and Ron off on their quest to destroy Voldemort? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Round up the crew. With eight movies stretching over 10 years, there’s probably a long list of friends you’ve been to the movies with. The last movie provides the perfect excuse to get in contact with some of those friends, especially if you haven’t seen someone in a while.
  • Marathon it. In the days leading up to the last movie, schedule screenings of the previous movies so you’re all caught up when the time comes. You could watch one per night in the days before you plan to attend the final episode, or set a weekend aside for a Harry Potter marathon.
  • Dress up. If you haven’t dressed up for one of the Harry Potter premiers, now’s your last chance. Since the movies have been so successful, there are plenty of Harry Potter costumes offered by costume stores to choose from.
  • Have a Harry Potter-themed group dinner before the movie. Feature hearty British staples like pot pies, pasties or a roast, or try this recipe for butterbeer.

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