4 Comics to Read on National Comic Book Day

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Tomorrow is National Comic Book Day.

“Isn’t that in May?” you ask.

That is Free Comic Book Day.

“Oh, okay, well then what is National Comic Book Day?”

Well, inquisitive reader, National Comic Book Day is a day simply for sitting down and reading a good comic book (though feel free to stand; sitting is more of a guideline than a rule).

“Got it. Well, what should I read?”

Glad you asked.

Comic books are often cited as modern myths; epic tales that span hundreds of issues, encompassing birth, death, rebirth, and everything in between. Appreciating them all is kind of a tall order for a single day, but have no fear; Costume Discounters has you covered with a list of 4 single-issue stories that you should check out, and some coinciding costumes to wear while you read.

Superman/Batman Vol. 1 #63

Superman and Batman costumes

There are few dynamic duos as fun to read about as the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, primarily because they’re such different personalities. The difference in powers and skills is only the tip of the iceberg, though. It’s how they go about their missions, and what they mean to the people they protect, that are at the core of each character, and the contrast between them. More often than not, comic book fans become preoccupied with arguing over who is better—Superman or Batman—and more and more, the scales seem to tip in Batman’s favor.

But in this issue, which takes us through a world where Gorilla Grodd has enslaved the people of earth, readers will see how vital both of these heroes are, as one dispenses justice, and the other brings hope.

Throw on your Superman or Batman costume, and dive in to this dire dystopia.

New Avengers Vol. 1 #25


This comic takes place during the height of Civil War, an ideological battle between Captain America and Iron Man that tore the Marvel Universe in two. It also happens to be the focus of the next Captain America movie, and the next big event in Marvel’s cinematic universe. The great thing about an event of this scale is the bombastic battles and pages upon pages flooded with every hero you can imagine. But the magic of Civil War was the emotional stakes behind the earth-shattering fisticuffs, and that’s what makes this issue so special.

It focuses on one of Tony Stark’s former employees, come to take revenge on the Armored Avenger for using his designs against heroes like Captain America. By disabling the Iron Man armor with Stark still inside, he forces Tony to listen, and the emotional toll the war is taking on a fallen hero is seen.

Grab your own Iron Man suit and prep yourself for what promises to be the biggest superhero movie yet.

Blackest Night #0

green lantern costume

The prelude to the biggest battle the Green Lantern Corps ever fought, Blackest Night #0 gets readers acquainted with the villain that will ultimately unite all seven Lantern corps: The Black Hand. Not a household name like Lex Luthor or the Joker, this issue attempts to get readers to fear a villain many have never heard of. In the pages of a single issue, readers are introduced to one of the creepiest and most unsettling antagonists in the DC Universe.

Readers are taken from his childhood, through his adolescence, to his first meeting with the Green Lantern, and finally, to the shocking ending that propels him into the long foretold “Blackest Night” that all Green Lanterns have been taught to fear.

Don’t forget to wear your Green Lantern costume (and bring a night light) as you prepare to meet your new favorite bad guy.

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate National Comic Book Day, but none better than dressing like your favorite superhero and reading about their latest adventure. Are there any comic books that should have been mentioned? Leave your favorites in the comments below!