Not Quite Descendants: Top 10 Sidekicks of Disney Villains

Not Quite Descendants: Top 10 Sidekicks of Disney Villains

With the original movie, Disney’s Descendants, premiering Friday, July 31 at 8 PM EST, all of the recent buzz has been about Disney villains and their potentially not-so-dastardly offspring. Here at Costume Discounters, though, we’ve decided to honor those close to the evil whom the Disney Channel, and others, have forgotten – The sidekicks.

Few can muster up the high level of evil energy like the most famed Disney villains can, but, let us pose the question; would any of them have been more successful by taking the advice of their trusted aides?

10. Magic Mirror; Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

magic mirror

The Magic Mirror probably isn’t the best place to start if we want to talk about sidekicks who assisted those to whom they answered. It might as well have said, “Yeah… You’re cool, Queen. But that girl over there is way cooler.” Then again, maybe mustering up the inspiration to kill Snow White was all a part of its plan. Either way, the Magic Mirror lands at number 10 on our list.

9.  Diablo; Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent


Is Diablo even really evil? Aside from finding Aurora for Maleficent, he doesn’t really do much in Sleeping Beauty. In Maleficent, we learn his backstory, though, and he seems a little more involved. Still, though, he doesn’t add much to either movie.

8. Anastasia & Drizella; Cinderella

anastasia and drizella

Sisters fight – That’s what they do. They compete with each other, they get jealous of each other, and they steal each other’s personal belongings. What sisters shouldn’t do? Team up, lock their third sister in an attic and try to steal the love of her life.

7. Pain and Panic; Hercules

pain and panic

Two sidekicks. One job. Hades orders Pain and Panic to turn Hercules into a mortal in the first ten minutes of their movie, and they only do their deed halfway. They had ONE JOB. They’re hilarious, though, and compliment the wits of their chief pretty perfectly. They get points for that.

6. Mr. Smee; Peter Pan

mr smee

Smee’s intentions define those of a sidekick. He’s always more than willing to assist Captain Hook in his dastardly intentions, and his hatred for ‘The Pan’ (and crocodiles) runs just as deep as that of his fearless leader. Unfortunately for this sailor, his clumsy qualities and lack of intelligence prevent him from claiming a higher rank on our list.

5. Sir Hiss; Robin Hood

sir hiss

Sir Hiss is probably the most logical of all the Disney Villains’ sidekicks. He has a mind for evil and the power to manipulate. His one downfall is his inability to be anything other than a snake. His form often finds him in questionable positions, like tied in a knot or with his head inside of a balloon.

4. The Hyenas; The Lion King


In the beginning of The Lion King, it looks like the hyenas provide Scar with what seems to be unconditional loyalty. When Scar fails to deliver as king, though, you can see a shift in the attitudes of Banzai, Shenzi and Ed. What kind of sidekicks turn on their superior so quickly? Sidekicks who aren’t quite good enough to top this list.

3. Iago; Aladdin


Iago is a sidekick who is hard to decipher. Throughout Aladdin, it seems like he has his own motivation for hating the Sultan (POLLY, WANT A CRACKER?!), and doesn’t need Jafar’s influence. Additionally, nobody is more thrilled than Iago once Jafar is out of the picture. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” said Iago. Oh. That wasn’t Iago?

2. Flotsam and Jetsam; The Little Mermaid


If we were ranking by association, these two would be number one. Ursula is easily the scariest Disney villain of all-time, and her minion eels do the majority of her deeds. They tipped Prince Eric and Ariel’s row boat in the midst of them being serenaded by Kiss the Girl. What’s more evil than that?

1. LeFou; Beauty & the Beast


By linking himself up with Gaston, LeFou becomes popular by association. He provides the resident stud of their poor, provincial town with wicked and cruel ideas, fills his mug and wrote a super-catchy song about him.  No one’s slick as Gaston, but nobody sidekicks like LeFou.

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*All images courtesy of Disney Wiki.