Four ideas to spice up your Fourth of July gathering

Asking guests to dress in a certain way can make a good party even better, giving guests a starting point for striking up conversation with each other. Here are four themes to consider when celebrating the nation’s birth:

  • Red, white and blue party: White parties, where all the guests are asked to dress in white, came into vogue a couple years ago, so why not do something similar for this occasion? Simply asks guests to dress in clothes that feature the three colors of the flag, and see where they decide to go with it.
  • Throw it back to the colonial days: This would work especially well if you host a more formal event, as you could ask guests to dress in a style favored by the earliest Americans. You don’t have to take it as far as wigs and corsets, but promoting classic attire can give people a fun reason to do something a little different.
  • Go nautical: Since many people will be celebrating the holiday out on the lake, why not make your party a sea-faring event? Encourage guests to have fun with stereotypical yacht attire or sailor outfits.
  • Historical figures: Celebrate the nation’s history by having your guests come dressed as famous Americans. If your friends love wearing costumes, this is a great excuse to throw a theme-specific bash with plenty of room for creativity.