Passions Plays Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter

While so many people enjoy the secular celebrations of Easter like coloring Easter Eggs and having the Easter Bunny deliver baskets of treats, most Christians celebrate Easter for its intended purpose – to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Regardless of all the secular enjoyment, Easter is, first and foremost, a religious observance. For churches of all Christian faiths, passion plays, in one form or another are performed. The subject matter of the passion play is the trial, condemnation, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, also known at The Passion of Christ.

To perform the Passion of Christ, you will need biblical costumes to represent all of the individuals involved.  This should be your casting list when preparing for your dramatic recreation:

  • Jesus
  • Mary
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Pontius Pilate
  • The Apostles
  • Roman Soldiers (Centurions)
  • Simon of Cyrene
  • Miscellaneous bystanders and witnesses

Biblical costumes that represent shepherds are more than satisfactory to use for any character in the bible as all men wore similar robes and garments.  Mary, the mother of Jesus is usually depicted in blue to that she stands out from the others. The Jesus costume is also a stand-out among the other men’s bible costumes because it includes a crown of thorns and a more colorful shawl or robe; usually red.

Roman soldier costumes are authentic, yet made from lightweight materials. Vinyl and plastic replace leather and metal armor but the look remains true to a biblical Centurion.

Your church’s Passion Play will be one to remember and it will bring your congregation together beyond the Easter Sunday church service. Celebrate the true meaning of Easter. Reflect on Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice. Let it give you strength, not only during the Lenten season but every day.