Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Good for Your Health

There is nothing like being in love. All of the lovey-dovey, feel-good endorphins you get from being in love are good for your overall well-being. Even if you don’t have a significant other you can still benefit from all of the health benefits of Valentine’s Day. Here is scientific proof that Valentine’s Day is actually good for you.

girl holding Valentine heart

Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Don’t dismiss those chocolates as being too fattening to eat. Several sources such as The Journal of Nutrition, WebMD and Mayo Clinic state that chocolate:healthy dark chocolate

  1. Reduces your risk of heart attack by reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and improving arterial blood flow.
  2. Improves the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  3. Contains antioxidants which cleanse free radicals from your bloodstream, thus reducing the signs of aging and help prevent diseases such as cancer and age-related diseases. They also provide overall immune system support.

Note: Dark chocolate is much better for you than milk chocolate.

A Romantic Bottle of Red Wine

red wine and candlelightEvery once in a while it is healthy to indulge in an extra glass of red wine. Red wine contains antioxidants and resveratrol, both of which are good for your heart. My old Italian grandmother, who died at 93, always said, “Wine gives you blood.” The thinking there was red wine was somehow synonymous with blood flow. She was not entirely wrong, (although she may have been wrong about mixing a bit into my soda at holiday dinners when I was a small child. I don’t think the surgeon general would recommend Coca-Cola wine spritzers for kids). With that said, I grew up healthy and I am a true red wine lover.

We already know the benefit of antioxidants mentioned above, but resveratrol, the key ingredient in wine, prevents blood clots, reduces bad cholesterol and helps protect our blood vessels by reducing inflammation.

Lastly, drinking IN MODERATION is OK. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Those who drink moderate amounts of alcohol, including red wine, seem to have a lower risk of heart disease.” However, no one recommends that you take up drinking if you don’t already.

Sharing Hugs with Someone You Love

A hug from a friend, family member or a pet will all go a long way. There are many reasons why we should give more hugs, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

Hugs are a natural stress reliever. They alleviate fear, provide comfort and generate warm, pleasant feelings because they boost oxytocin and serotonin levels. These pleasantries lead to a reduction in blood pressure, greater self-esteem, balance of the nervous system and overall improved health.

hugging is good for you

Hugs are the perfect exchange because you give as well as receive. So, the act of hugging someone will make them happy, which will make you happy! It is a win-win situation every time. The gift of a warm embrace has lasting effects.

In fact, kissing and hand holding and love-making will also achieve the same results, but hugging is a G-rated and positive experience for people of all ages.

We hope that now you can indulge in your special treats and have a guilt free February 14th. Have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day.