Riddle Me This: Q&A with The Riddler


Riddle me this, what sort of a man has bats on the brain? Go ahead, you can say it!

When your name is Edward Nigma, or E. Nigma if we’re abbreviating, you’re almost guaranteed to live your life mysteriously.

The Riddler specializes in all things questionable and puzzling. He thrives on stumping the not-so-easily stumped. He lives to tease his foes with clues to his most-recent crimes. Unfortunately for him, this often times leads to his own demise. Now, riddle me this: What kind of man wants to be found so badly that he assists those chasing him? Costume Discounters imagined a sit-down with the man behind the mask in an attempt to figure it out.

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Thanks for sitting down with us, Ed. Do you like to be called Ed? Should we use Edward?

Why would you use Ed? Or Edward? Are you my mother? Am I in trouble? Should I go to my room? But what if Harvey wants to come over and play?!

That’s a lot of great questions. I’m not sure that I know the answer to any of those.

Here’s the real question; Why wouldn’t you just call me The Riddler? After all, isn’t that the name on my mug shot?

I’m glad you brought that up, Riddler. Why do you insist on leaving clues after each crime you commit? We’ve seen it lead to your demise more than once.

HA! What’s the real thrill for you? Isn’t the chase the really exciting part of everything? Haven’t you seen my appearances in shows and movies? If they haven’t caught me yet, I’m left to wonder: Do they know where I am? Will they ever? Is there anything better to keep me on my toes?

You’d rather risk your own life as a free man so that you can leave clues for the Gotham City Police Department? Even though it seems to make so much more sense to forgo the riddles and escape scot-free?

Wouldn’t you agree that my existence as a free man ceased a long time ago? Why don’t you look at how I spend my days? Don’t I sit and plot my next move? Aren’t I always on the run? When you call me a free man, do you mean it? Even if it’s not by the police, haven’t I been so imprisoned by my obsessions with crime and THE BAT for so long?

Interesting. Final question: Why green?

Is it because I want to match The Joker’s hair or the loves of Poison Ivy’s life. Is it because I’m green with envy because there are more popular enemies to Batman than I? Or could it be because the BATMAN is so dark and ominous, and I just want to light up his little brooding life? Riddle me that.

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