Santa for a Day

Santa ClausThe red-and-white velvet, big black belt and long white beard aren’t just reserved for a mall Santa anymore. Years ago, you might have had to make a special order at a boutique retailer to get your hands on a Santa costume. Now the increased popularity of party specialty stores and online costume retailers give you plenty of options if you want to spread cheer as St. Nick.

If you’ve always been a Santa fan and are looking for a reason to don the red suit, here are a few ideas:

Twelve Santas walk into a bar…
More and more folks are finding the fun there is to be had during a Santa pub crawl. Always a cheery occasion, sampling the best of your city’s establishments is even more fun in a Santa suit. Just make sure to remember you’re wearing a beard as you sip your drink.

Party at the North Pole
Rather than hosting another stuffy holiday party, try throwing a costume party. Ditching the cocktail dresses and shirts and ties for Santa hats and sassy Mrs. Clause costumes can make for a much more interesting evening.

Run Santa, run
Many cities host races during the holiday season, sometimes encouraging entrants to dress for the season – and that doesn’t mean wearing a hat and gloves. It means a running of the Santas. Joining a Santa-themed fun run or watching from the sidewalk is a great way to spend a morning during the holidays.

Spread cheer yourself
With Santa costumes so affordable these days, why not volunteer to do a Santa visit for your child’s group of friends. Other parents would surely appreciate knowing the person in the suit rather than bringing their children to see a stranger. And as long as you can hold your disguise, the perma-smiles on the children’s faces will surely make you glad you volunteered.