Be Prepared for an Interview With A Disney Villain: Scar

Scar Interview

After killing his brother Mufasa, Scar may be considered the most vicious Disney Villain of all time. He has, though, proven his “lion’s share” of the family when it comes to having brains. It’s finally time to hear the story from The Lion King‘s lead villain! If Simba’s uncle were to discuss his critics, taste in music and spirit animal, this is how Costume Discounters would imagine it.

First off, let’s discuss your past – It has been stated in the Lion King story A Tale of Two Brothers that your real name is Taka which stands for garbage in Swahili. Meanwhile, your brother Mufasa’s name is a translation for King. How does that make you feel?

Every Disney Villain has to have an origin story nowadays, don’t they? At least mine actually makes sense, unlike a certain Mistress of All Evil. If my parents name me garbage and they name my far inferior brother as king, doesn’t it make sense that I’m going to hold a bit of a grudge against my family?

Let’s change things up. Let’s talk about what makes you happy. You seemed to enjoy when Zazu sung to you.

That is one thing that always made me far superior to the other Disney Villains. The rest of them are so uptight. Do you really think the Evil Queen or Jafar found any joy out of life? Meanwhile, I found joy in music, and I even had my own fabulous Broadway-worthy song. Wouldn’t you say that makes me at least a little fun?

How would you describe your taste in music?

I’m not very picky, but don’t serenade me with songs from theme parks. I refuse to ever listen to It’s a Small World! Anything but that! I like to listen to anything with a little bit of bounce to it. I especially enjoy I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts. Merv Griffin is my spirit animal.

Wow. I didn’t realize animals could have spirit animals.

Yes, and I believe Merv would be quite charmed if he knew.

Let’s talk about your career as a Disney Villain. So far, you are the only villain to actually kill someone.

Is that true? Oh, I feel so awful. [Scratches the wall, making an ear-piercing sound]

I’m sure you do. Your evil ways have given you much criticism. How do you respond to those comments?

It’s those hyenas. They’re the real villains here. All I was trying to do was give the Pride Land a worthy ruler. I wanted to greet the dawning of a new era in which lion and hyena come together in a great and glorious future. I did everything for them, but that was only because I was peer pressured.

Would you say you learned your lesson from this?

I don’t believe there is any lesson to be learned. I do what I do because I have to prove myself to be the smartest. I’m surrounded by idiots, after all. When it comes to brains, I always got the lion’s share. Just because Mufasa had brute strength, it doesn’t mean I’m not more powerful than him.

Now for my last question – If you weren’t a Disney Villain, what would you be?

A monkey’s uncle.

You’re so weird… And I mean that in the best way, of course!

You have no idea.

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