Throw the Perfect ‘Sponge Out of Water’ Viewing Party

Throw the Perfect ‘Sponge Out of Water’ Viewing Party


He may live in a pineapple under the sea, but now everyone’s favorite porous pal, SpongeBob Squarepants, is on an exciting adventure above the surface to recover the stolen Krabby Patty secret formula!

Dressing for your Sponge Out Of Water viewing party will be a cinch given the variety of SpongeBob SquarePants costumes available to you. The tricky part, no doubt, is coming up with the perfect party games that will have guests busting their guts from laughing so hard. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of six super fun activities that celebrate the Invincibubble and the rest of his superhero squad!

1) The Rodent

Game Name: Nuts About Nuts
What You’ll Need: A bag of nuts, one bowl per player, two straws per player

When Sandy hits the surface she takes on the appearance of a land-dwelling squirrel, and as a result is nuts about nuts! In order to play this game every guest at your upcoming bash needs a bowl and a pair of straws. Set a timer for five minutes and then empty the bag of nuts into the center of a table. Once you start the clock, the race is on! Have each of your guests compete to see who can get the most nuts into their bowl before the timer buzzes. Here’s the tough part though: guests can only move nuts into their bowls using their straws. It’s up to game participants to determine the best way to do this, for example by using their straws like chopsticks. When the timer goes off whoever has the most nuts in their bowl is the winner.



2) Sir Pinch-A-Lot

Game Name: Pinch or Dare
What You’ll Need: One clothes pin, an assortment of pre-written dares

This next game calls out Mr. Krabs’ power to pinch! Played throughout the duration of the party, this game starts with one guest being assigned the pincher. The pincher is given the clothes pin and is then tasked with attaching the pin to another party attendee’s clothing without them noticing. Once the deed is done, the pincher announces, “You’ve been pinched!” and begins counting down from 5. If the guest doesn’t find the clothes pin before the five seconds are up they’ve got to choose one of the slips of paper and complete the pre-written dare. They then become the next pincher. If they do find it, then the pincher is tasked with taking on one of the dares and remains the pincher.


3) Sour Note

Game Name: Not-so-Musical Chairs
What You’ll Need: Enough chairs for all but one of your participants

All it takes is one awful note from Squidward’s clarinet to take down any bad guy! In this fun twist on the classic party game, you set up a circle of chairs that has one less seat than there are participating players. You’ll then have one person controlling a playlist of your favorite songs (or better yet, the film’s soundtrack), who is responsible for pausing the music at random intervals. Before each round the playlist controller will announce a not-so-musical task that needs to be completed before a guest can claim a chair. When the music stops all participants must complete the task and then rush to one of the empty chairs. Whichever person is left without a chair is out. The last person sitting wins!


4) PlankTON

Game Name: The Teamwork Toss
What You’ll Need: A bag of mini marshmallows, one small bowl per team, one disposable paper cup per team

Even though he spends most of the movie mispronouncing the word, no one learns more about teamwork than Plankton in this flick. Divide the room into teams and have each group pick one member to be the catcher. The rest of the members of each team will be tossers. The tossers will be throwing their bowl full of mini marshmallows at their teammate, while the catcher attempts to catch all of the mini marshmallows being tossed at them using only a small, paper cup. Make sure each group starts with the same number of mini marshmallows in their bowl, so that each crew has an equal shot at collecting the most treats. The only way for a team to come out on top in this fun game is for them to be totally in sync!


5) Mr. Super Awesomeness

Game Name: Summoning of the Sugar
What You’ll Need: A piñata, sugary fillers

Patrick’s alter ego arguably has the best superpower of any of the Bikini Bottom buddies. He can summon all of the ice cream cones from the area he’s in using just his mind! You may not be able to summon ice cream at will, but you can bring something else sweet to the festivities! A piñata is the perfect addition to the fun. All guests will appreciate the mega super awesomeness of an avalanche of sugary stuff. You can find the perfect themed receptacle, like a cool SpongeBob-shaped piñata, and then fill it up with your favorite tasty sweets. This fun game is sure to be a smash hit among all of your party’s attendees!


6) The Invincibubble

Game Name: Partners In Popping
What You’ll Need: Balloons

Everyone knows that even though bubbles in and of themselves are super cool, the best part is when they pop! Instead of bringing bubbles into your living room, you can opt for a more indoor-friendly popping activity with this fun game. Divide your entire party into pairs and equip each team with 10-15 fully blown up balloons. The pairs must then work together to try to be the first group to pop all of their inflatables! All popping must be done by both members of the team working together. In order to add to the fun, players can’t use their hands or feet – making this a super silly game that will allow only people who have mastered their teamwork skills to prevail!

When you incorporate these awesome activities into your viewing party for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, your bash will be filled with an ocean of laughs.


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