Springtime Costumes that Celebrate the Season

It’s getting warmer, the days are growing longer and we are seeing the first signs of buds on the trees. My neighbors and I are getting our yards cleaned up so we can be ready for our spring flower planting. With all the plants and animals “springing” back to life it makes me think of all the Spring Costumes that remind me of the season.

Bees, Bug and Butterfly Costumes

As soon as flowers and trees bloom, the little worker bees are there to pollinate them. Butterflies break from their cocoons to flutter about and Ladybugs appear at our window sills bringing us good luck. These costumes are reminiscent of this very special time of year.

Flower Costumes

Before you know is, the landscape will be a rainbow of color.  You’ll be able to smell the scent of hyacinth in the air and everywhere you look you can see the bright yellow of forsythia and daffadils. Flower costumes are perfect for wearing to a spring festivals in celebrations of the warm, sunny days ahead.


Fairy Costumes

In the Spring, fairies come to life through the many Spring Fairy Festivals in their honor. Their fluttering wings and mischievous nature suit this time of year perfectly. After all, this is when the birds, bees (and fairies) work their magic and bring new life to the world.

Animal Costumes

If you have ever driven past a farm in April, you are guaranteed to see the new baby lambs, horses, chicks and more. All animals are out and about enjoying the weather and grazing on fresh grown grass. The animal costumes below are great examples of the newness and brightness you find when March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

Spring costumes are fun for all ages to wear to spring fests, garden festivals and for family pictures in the yard, surrounded by your newly planted annuals and freshly bloomed perennials. Its a new year and a new beginning so find a way to celebrate with outfits that represent all that spring has to offer.