Supanova is the Comic-Con from Down Under


Supanova is a pop culture festival held annually in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sidney, Australia. It is a fan convention similar to Comic Con here in the US. It is jam packed with celebrity appearances and features many genres from anime to sci-fi to steampunk and everything in between. You can find a mix of fans dressed at superheroes, aliens, time travelers and cartoon characters.  As a shout-out to our loyal Aussie customers, we’d like to share some photos of the odd mix of costumes and characters you will find at Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

Best Batman costume

Worst (not even sure what):

Best alien costume (take your pick):

Oddest Couple – Sleeping Beauty and Captain Jack Sparrow

Cosplay – Is this best or worst, you decide:

Just like Comic-Con, Supanova offers an eclectic group of people who are fans from all costume genres. Plus, the star appearances are from shows that span generations. A few examples are Edward James Olmos from Battlestar Galactica, Hayden Panettiere from Heroes and Peter Facinelli from Twilight.  Where are the stars of Galaxy Quest when you need them?