Costume Copycats: Superhero Looks Inspired by Other Superheroes

While you’re busy prepping for Halloween and planning on dressing like your favorite superheroes, your favorite superheroes are… Doing the same.

For comic book fans, cosplayers and just flat-out lovers of cool stuff, it doesn’t get much better than when a superhero mimics his or her peers and dresses up like another superhero. It’s not just a matter of Tony Stark trying on Cap’s stars and stripes while he’s out of Avengers Tower, though. Real mashup looks have happened in comic books in the past. Instances where a few things were taken from Costume “A,” a few things from Costume “B,” and they were thrown together to create something brand new and totally awesome.

In celebration of these hybrid hits, Costume Discounters is showing off some favorites, and highlighting the costumes you can use as inspiration for your next look.



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In the Marvel Comics Universe, when Civil War broke out between Iron Man and Captain America, Spider-Man sided with the Armored Avenger. The two were on especially good terms, as Tony Stark had recently completed a suit of armor for Spider-Man to celebrate his return from death. Spider-Man’s new duds had a number of innovative features, including a stealth mode, and even some mechanical arms a la Doc Ock. Apparently, though, biology isn’t Tony’s strong suit, as he added only three mechanical arms, making Spider-Man the world’s only seven-legged spider.

Here are some Spider-Man and Iron Man costumes to get you started on your own “Iron Spider” look.

Captain Falcon

captain falcon

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Steve Rogers has always looked good for a guy born in the Roaring Twenties, but recently in the pages of Marvel Comics, his age caught up with him, and he was forced to hang up his Captain America threads. But Steve knew that Captain America is something bigger than just his own alter ego: it’s an identity that represents a sense of hope that’s vital to the world. He called upon his longtime ally Sam Wilson—better known as the Falcon—to take up the mantle of Captain America; a call Sam proudly answered. Sam’s new costume owes a lot to the iconic Cap look, but keeps in mind Sam’s storied career as the Falcon, taking the Star-Spangled Avenger’s mission airborne.

You can use these Captain America and Falcon products as a starting point to create your own “Captain Falcon” costume.

The Bright Knight

batman green lantern

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A Green Lantern ring is a weapon that can only be wielded by someone who possesses incredible will power and the ability to overcome great fear. While Hal Jordan certainly has what it takes, these traits perfectly describe another member of the Justice League: The Dark Knight. And indeed, Batman has briefly wielded the power of the Green Lantern in the regular DC Universe, and even served as the Green Lantern of an alternate reality in Batman: In Darkest Knight. Ever the multi-tasker, Batman has also wielded the Yellow Lantern ring, a weapon reserved for those who can instill great fear.

Costume Discounters has got Batman and Green Lantern costumes galore, so get to work on your own “Bright Knight” batsuit.


deadpool xmen

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Deadpool just wants to belong. Is that so much to ask? Operating under the impression that he was a mutant, the Merc with a Mouth decided to try and join up with the X-Men. He even created his own costume for the occasion! By sprucing up his classic look with the signature yellow and blue of the X-Men, Deadpool fought alongside the X-Men on several occasions. Still, we doubt you’ll find his picture hanging on the hallowed walls of the X-Mansion.

Grab your own Deadpool costume, pick up a Wolverine outfit to go with it, and you’re on your way to creating your own “X-Pool” look.


spiderman captain america

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While the first four examples come from comics, the fifth is a cosplay original. Intrepid cosplayer Luc Luzzo has created possibly the coolest hybrid costume of all time by giving us a glimpse into a world where Spider-Man and Captain America are one and the same. Blending the looks together seamlessly, Luzzo darkens the reds and blues to give his outfit a weathered, war-torn look. He even goes so far as to create his own custom superhero chest symbol, adding eight legs to Captain America’s star and somehow making it all work beautifully. To “cap” it off, Luzzo has created his own version of Captain America’s shield, complete with his symbol and enough scrapes and gashes to let us know that Spider-Cap is no stranger to the battlefield. This costume is gorgeous, and one of the coolest we’ve seen.

With a Spider-Man Costume and a Captain America shield, you might be able to pull off this creative design.

So, be creative this Halloween, or before you attend your next comic convention. If you can’t figure out which superhero you want to dress like, mix and match your favorites and come up with a cool backstory about how the pair was combined, and how they ultimately stopped another evildoer. If this wasn’t enough inspiration for you, check out Costume Discounters’ Superhero Costumes to see what costumes are in stock!