The “Ted 2” Cameo Guide for the Pop Culturally-Challenged

The “Ted 2” Cameo Guide for the Pop Culturally-Challenged

If you’re a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s, you know it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the variety of pop culture references he litters through his work. In his new film, Ted 2, you’ll notice appearances by several big names. How is one supposed to keep track of these guest spots?

That’s where Costume Discounters comes in. Check out our handy guide for the pop culturally challenged to learn more about the star-studded cameos in the new film.

Sam J. Jones

How you may know him: The dude who played the actor who played superhero Flash Gordon in the first Ted movie.

What you should know: Since starring in the 1980 cult hit Flash Gordon, Jones went on to have numerous TV roles — one of them being a cameo in the short-lived Flash Gordon TV series. Unfortunately, he never received much mainstream success. The Ted films try — and succeed — in bringing him back in the spotlight once again.

Tom Brady


How you may know him: The dude plays football, people love him and people hate him.

What you should know: As the winner of three Super Bowl MVPs, Brady is the career leader in Super Bowl touchdown passes with 12 in his career with the New England Patriots. With his genes, it’s no wonder Ted wanted him to… *ahem*… father his child. Recently, it was revealed that he was involved in “deflategate,” a controversy that is subtly referenced in this film

Morgan Freeman


How you may know him: The dude who narrates any movie you have ever seen. He also played God in Bruce Almighty.

What you should know: Best known for his iconic performance in The Shawshank Redemption, Freeman was nominated for five Academy Awards throughout his career — one of which he won in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. As the narrator of several documentaries and major motion pictures, Freeman’s authoritative voice can be recognized anywhere.

Liam Neeson


How you may know him: The older dude who is probably in better shape than you because of all the action movies he makes.

What you should know: Neeson has a large body of work with roles in Schindler’s List, Kinsey and a Tony-nominated performance in Broadway’s Anna Christie. He also had high-profile roles as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace and as Ducard in Batman Begins. He later found a second career in action movies such as the Taken series, Clash of the Titans, and The Grey.