Thanksgiving Costume for Kids

cornacopiaSince the Pilgrims first arrived in Massachusetts, Thanksgiving has been an American tradition consisting of time with loved ones, good food, and giving thanks for all of the great things in our lives!  Although the holiday has transformed from that famous feast in 1621 to now, your child can still embrace the heart of this holiday by dressing up in one of our Thanksgiving costumes.  No matter whether your little one is dressing for your local parade, a school play, or just for your annual family dinner, you’ll be able to find the perfect outfit for them right here on our website.

Infant Toddler Turkey Costume

Cutest costume EVER!!!!!

You can never be too young to start dressing up for Thanksgiving, so make sure you buy an adorable costume for your infant or toddler!  You’ll want to eat your little bundle of joy right up because they’ll look so adorable when you dress them up in the Lil Gobbler Infant/Toddler Costume.  To go back to the root of this November holiday, you can also dress your infant or your toddler in one of our Native American looks.  Whichever route you choose to take, your child’s costume is sure to create lasting Thanksgiving memories as well as fantastic photo opportunities.

Boy's and Girl's Pilgrim costumes

Boy’s and Girl’s Pilgrim costumes

Your older child may not want to dress up for your Thanksgiving dinner, but they’ll still look great in one of our costumes for their school play or your town’s annual parade!  Many schools or town put on plays to pay tribute to the first Thanksgiving, which occurred in 1621 after the Pilgrims’ first harvest in their new home.  The famous feast brought together the Native Americans and the new Pilgrims for three whole days of eating and giving thanks for their blessings.  In order to successfully execute your holiday play, all of the necessary people must be present.  We have a number of great Native American and Pilgrim costumes for your little boy so that he can help reenact the historical scene.  For your little Pilgrim, make sure you buy the Child Pilgrim Costume or one of our other Pilgrim or Colonial looks.  Thanksgiving would not have been possible without the aid of the Native Americans, so make sure you also get your hands on one of our many Native American boy costumes and accompanying accessories.

Native American Thanksgiving costume

The first Thanksgiving would have been nothing without the four women Pilgrims who survived through the harsh New England winter and cooked the entire feast.  Make sure you commemorate these brave women, as well as the Native American women who attended the feast, with our Thanksgiving costumes for girls!  We have a variety of Pilgrim, Colonial, and Native American looks for your daughter that will transport her back to the 1600s.

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Make your Thanksgiving particularly memorable with our selection of Thanksgiving outfits for children!  Whether you just want some great photos for your little one’s album or you need an authentic look for your child’s Thanksgiving play, we have an ideal look that will lead to an unforgettable holiday for you.