The Gamble of Homemade Halloween Costumes

Come Halloween, everyone has ideas for making their own costumes. Usually, once the time gets near, those ideas fade and people opt for the sure bet of a costume from a manufacturer.

But for those who do play the create-your-own-costume game, it means a lot of work. And if you don’t put in the work – or your work is misguided – you may end up wishing you had taken the easy way out and sprung for a pre-made costume. But if you put in the work and have a great idea, you’ll be the talk of the party. Here are a few examples of how to pull off the pre-made costume, and where it can go totally wrong.
Costumes gone right:

  • It’s a trap! Many Star Wars fans have probably tried to recreate the cult-loved villain General Grievous, but unless you are a professional makeup artist, the costume could go wrong in a hurry. However, this costume gets around recreating the general’s face by adding a mask and creatively hides the costume-wearer’s body for a clever take on this get-up.
  • Kid Robocop. With creatively recycled plastic, this kid’s dad was able to turn his son into the the future of law enforcement. The Detroit police were impressed.
  • Celebrity and movie character costumes. Especially if you’re going for a more obscure celebrity, doing it yourself may be your only option. With these costumes, the key is often in the props. For example, if you’re going as The Dude from “The Big Lebowski,” be sure to bring your bathrobe, shades and bowling ball.

Costumes gone wrong:

  • For every good Star Wars costume, there are 10 bad ones. If you don’t go all in on your homemade costume, you may end up looking like these people.
  • Bordering on the offensive. Sometimes, being a little edgy can earn you big points, but going over the line is catastrophic. Know the audience of the party you’re going to and if it’s a work party, avoid edgy all together. And if you can’t live with the photos that will be posted on the Internet, don’t do it!
  • Ghost. You might think it would be funny to simply throw a sheet over your head, poke a few holes in it and call it a day. Guess what? You’re not the first slacker who thought this would be ironic and clever. If you’re not going to put a little thought into the costume, don’t bother.