The Last Witch Hunter and a History of Shadowy Heroes

Standing between civilians and the things that go bump in the night are the heroes that fill movie screens, comic books, and computer monitors. And while it’s nice to have justice on your side, the most effective heroes are often the ones with a foot in both worlds. They know how the things under beds are thinking, and they aren’t afraid to make a few bumps themselves.

The latest entry into this darker corner of heroism is Vin Diesel in his upcoming role in The Last Witch Hunter. In a world where witches are far more than the urban legends of Salem, Diesel’s character has made a career out of keeping them at bay. Long ago, though, he slayed their queen, and was cursed with some of their power—namely, their immortality.

As the last surviving member of the witch-hunting Axe + Cross brotherhood, he stands guard as Kaulder, the Last Witch Hunter, and joins another brotherhood of formidable heroes. Costume Discounters compiled a quick list with three recognizable names who have walked a path similar to Kaulder’s.


blade costume

Like Kaulder, Blade is a hunter with a legendary quarry: vampires. While his mother was in labor, she was bitten and killed by the vampire Deacon Frost. Armed with an immunity to vampire bites, a prolonged lifespan, and the ability to sense the supernatural, Blade went on to protect the more mysterious corners of the Marvel universe, eventually squaring up with Dracula himself. As one of the earlier Marvel characters to grace the big screen, Blade helped pave the way for heroes like Kaulder.

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Remus Lupin

harry potter costume

Entering Harry Potter’s life as his second Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin always seemed a little… off. For some reason, Snape could never seem to let him be. As it turns out, there was more to this professor than it originally seemed (a common trait among the professors of Hogwarts). Readers learned that not only was Lupin one of Harry’s father’s best friends, he was also a werewolf, one whose transformations were kept at bay only by Snape’s potions.

As a child, Lupin had been bitten by Fenrir Greyback, werewolf scourge of the wizarding world. Touched by darkness but never overcome by it, Lupin was one of Harry Potter’s greatest allies in the fight against Voldemort.

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batman costume

There’s no questioning Batman’s morals. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a hero as single-mindedly dedicated to justice as Gotham’s protector. But his methods? Well, they’re not exactly out of the world’s most wholesome playbook. Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot. They feed on fear, trade in intimidation, and keep good citizens looking over their shoulders into every dark corner. Sound familiar? Batman hasn’t just fought criminals, he’s studied them. And he’s taken their methods and perfected them. If Batman turned to crime, there’d be no hero on earth who could take him down. Which is why we should all thank our lucky stars that the world’s most terrifying villain is on our side.

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If playing the hero was never your strong suit, you can prepare for the release of The Last Witch Hunter by throwing together a witchy look of your own. Which of these slayers of evil is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!