The Origin of Presidents’ Day

President’s Day is more than just a time for auto dealership blowout sales and a day off of school. Show some pride in your nation’s history with a lesson in the origin of President’s Day. This patriotic holiday celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln. The holiday was originally observed on February 22nd, Washington’s birthday, but is now held on the third Monday in February. This new date opened up what was initially a date to celebrate Washington into a day that celebrates the hallowed office of President in general.

President Lincoln CostumeMany schools and community groups honor the day with skits and plays. You or your child can dress the part of the nation’s leader for a President’s Day parade or play with a historic president costume. There are plenty of disguise kits that can turn you into Washington, Lincoln, or other popular presidents. For a Presidents’ Day party, you may want to get a bit sillier. This is where character masks of more recent figureheads can come in handy. Dress up as Clinton or Obama with a president mask and a plain suit to make a funny impression at your next shindig.

President Washington CostumePresidents’ Day is a perfect time to learn a bit about the history of the United States. George Washington was the first leader of the USA. He was unanimously elected the first president of the country in 1788. Washington helped unite the newly formed republic under his strong leadership, serving two terms before stepping down from the position.

Lincoln is often the second president honored on President’s Day. This 16th president of the United States served in office from 1861 to 1865, leading the nation through the Civil War. While he was not a Founding Father, Lincoln is often counted among some of the nation’s most important leaders.

Celebrate history this President’s Day with a party, play, or parade dressed up with president costumes and decorations. You can turn a simple holiday into a full-blown event with a party or community celebration. Now that you know a bit more about the patriotic holiday, go all out with some historic fun!