Things You Need To Do To Be Lucky For St. Patrick’s Day

Not everyone is blessed with the luck of the Irish, but with St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we often think of what we can do to be more lucky.

The first thing most people will do it to wear something green. A green sweater is fine but it’s only a symbol of Ireland, not a symbol of luck. We suggest your wear St. Patrick’s Day accessories like buttons and  necklaces with the lucky shamrock on them.

There are lots of other things you can do too. Based on the most popular superstitions, here are 10 things to do to bring good luck:

  1. Find a four leaf clover
  2. Carry a lucky rabbit’s foot
  3. Find a penny laying on “heads”
  4. Find a rainbow
  5. wear your clothes inside out
  6. Buy a goldfish (they bring good luck to your home)
  7. Cross your fingers
  8. Wear your birthstone
  9. Place a horse shoe over a doorway (points up)
  10. Save the wishbone from your Thanksgiving turkey

But no matter what you do, DON’T EVER let these things happen because they cause bad luck:

  1. Step on a crack
  2. Walk under a ladder
  3. Break a mirror
  4. Open an umbrella indoors
  5. Don’t spill the salt
  6. when a picture falls off the wall
  7. Don’t ever put a hat on a bed
  8. Never fall asleep at the table
  9. If a bird gets in your house and can’t get out, someone will die
  10. Don’t let a black cat cross your path

So we have given you some great information to ways to add good luck and avoid bad luck but it should all start with a celebration of Irish luck with a St. Patrick’s Day party.  All of the St. Patrick’s Day costumes, lucky accessories and other fun stuff you need for a great party await you at Costume Discounters.

If you know of any more good luck superstitions, please leave us a comment.