Top Five Drinking Games for St. Patrick’s Day

Some people don’t need an occasion other than it being Saturday night to play drinking games. However, St. Patrick’s Day is the best day of the year for having a few beers and the best way to bring friends together over a pint is by playing drinking games.  They are not just for crazy college students. Anyone from 21 to 101 can play. All you need for the best St. Patty’s Day party is your  St. Patrick’s Day costumes, plenty of beer and a group of party animals who are ready to play.

There are many other drinking games with longer rules. These are the down and dirty party games that anyone can learn instantly and that don’t get you drunk too quickly.

Top 5 Drinking Games for St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras

  1. Quarters – The tried and true drinking game. Try to bounce a quarter into a cup. If you get it in, you choose someone to consume the contents. If you miss, play passes to the next person. It is your turn until you miss.
  2. Edward 40 Hands – A willing volunteer gets a 40-ounce beer bottle duct taped to each hand and must finish both before nature calls. This is mostly humorous for anyone who is NOT Edward.
  3. I Never – This is a fun get-to-know-each other game that is similar to truth or dare. The person whose turn it is must say something that they have never done and anyone who done it must drink. You can get very dirty with this one.
  4. Beer Pong – You will need 12 cups of beer, a long table, a ping pong ball and two teams. Arrange 6 cups at each end of the table in a pyramid shape. Taking turns, you throw the ball at the opposing team’s cups. If the ball gets in the cup, someone on that side of the table must consume its contents. The winning team is the one that gets the opponent to consume all six cups. Then they must also finish with winning team’s beer.
  5. Three-Man – Everyone rolls the dice. The one who rolls the lowest is Three Man. Go clockwise, taking turns. If you roll a sum of 3 or if there is a three on one of your dice, Three-Man drinks. 7 = person to the left drinks, 11 = person to the right drinks, 9 = Social – everyone drinks, a 1 and a 4 = last one to put their palm flat on the table drinks. A 1 and 5 means you get to create a rule. Doubles mean you can split the dice and give them to anyone you want. Whatever number they roll is the amount the need to drink. If the Three-Man rolls a 3 they can designate a new Three-Man.

If you have a favorite drinking game, tell us about it. Leave a comment!