Top Outrageous Halloween Costumes from 2012

Oh my goodness, make sure there are no kids around and turn away if you are the shy type because I’m about the show you the Top 10 Most Outrageous Halloween Costumes for 2012. They are naughty, raunchy and so, so funny!

R-Rated Halloween costumes for adults are highly sought after by college students as well as older grown-ups with a crazy sense of humor. As you can see from the images below, most of these selections are humorous costumes for men. We will have to save the outrageously humorous women’s costumes for another post. The human mind can only handle so many shocking images at a time.

1. The Shocker – If you don’t know what this means then I can’t tell you. Its even dirtier than the middle finger



2. The Banana Flasher – Careful, he’s a slippery fella!




3. Double Occupancy Adult Costume – Look out! You’ve been caught in the act. Who could that hot blonde be?





4. Captain Condom – Spread safe sex to all citizens! Stand tall, you’ll make for some stiff competition at your Halloween costume contest.



5. Down for the Count – This is our most controversial costume but it is also our funniest.




6. The Muff Diver Costume – Be a graduate of Mike Hunt’s Diving School. Diver Down!




7. The Great Vibrations Vibrator Costume. This costume will create quite a “buzzz.”




8. What’s Under the Kilt Costume – It is said that real Highlanders do not wear undergarments under their kilts but this takes the myth to all new lengths.




9. The Men’s Genie in the Lamp costume – This costume might rub some people the wrong way but if you rub this lamp all of your sexy wishes will be his command.


10. SNL’s D**k in a Box – This is the official costume make famous in the SNL video that features Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. Its the gift that keeps on giving.



There is a choice for every wild and crazy guy. Yes, we realize that all of these costumes resort to cheep phallic humor but you must admit, you chuckled, didn’t you? If you found these costume funny then your friends will too.