Top Outrageous Halloween Costumes for 2013

Make sure the kids are tucked away before you step out on Halloween in these styles ranked as the most outrageous Halloween costumes for 2013. Some adult looks can be raunchy, daring, vibrant, unexpected, and even silly. Tap into some adult humor and extraordinary styles to stand out at your next dress-up event.

1. Adult Light Suit

LSNSB Light Up Suit

Light up the night in this impressive glow stick suit. This black body suit comes with twenty-five 8 inch glowstrips that you can use to create any designs you can think of. This glow-in-the dark bodysuit is a fun look for concerts, clubs, and Halloween night.

2. Upside Down Crazy Lady Costume

M37272MO Crazy Upside Down Lady

Add some scares to your Halloween night with a uniquely spooky look. This horror costume features a possessed lady that might make you think of The Exorcist movie or other scary films. You will be sure to have one of the most interesting scary outfits at your party with this haunting ensemble.

3. Adult Pregnant Cheerleader

6454RI Adult Pregnant Cheerleader

Sometimes life’s most serious issues can be the most fun to joke about. Show off some grown-up humor with a pregnant cheerleading uniform complete with a belly pad. Go ahead, laugh a little.

4. Ass Face Kiss

7217RI Ass Face

Only grown-ups will get the joke behind this ludicrously funny costume. This look really brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “kiss my ass”. If you aren’t afraid to get a bit cheeky, this is a hilariously naughty option for Halloween.

5. Tie Dye Disappearing Man Suit

72125F Tie Dye Skin Suit

This patterned bodysuit gives “outrageous” a whole new meaning. Step into this swirly (and frankly obnoxious) skin suit to create a vibrant look that is sure to stand out at your next party. Try topping your suit off with colorful accessories like wigs, boas, and pom poms for even more excitement.

6. Hot Dog Vendor Dirty Apron

6956RI Hot Dog Vendor

It’s not hard to see why a hot dog vendor could be a clever way to show your naughty side. This X-rated outfit features an innocent red apron that lifts up to reveal a pop-up wiener prop. The visual gag is sure to get a few shocked laughs from your adult party guests and friends.

7. Men’s Inflatable Bull Rider Costume

889739R Inflatable Bull Rider

Go over the top with your silly ensemble this year with an inflatable outfit. This Western rodeo design features a blow-up bull with tiny cowboy legs poking out from the saddle to make it look like you are a real life cowpoke. Stand out from the crowd in a silly inflatable cowboy outfit.

8. Men’s Gorilla and Cage Costume

HC30709HH Gorilla in a cage

This crazy look gives you two looks for the price of one! You stand inside a gorilla mascot suit with your head and arms sticking out from a dummy human body to make it look like you have been captured. Tower over your friends in a startling and impressive monkey suit this Halloween.

9. Pink Light Up Tutu

JVCL511 Light Up Tutu

Draw all the attention you deserve in a light-up ruffle skirt. This pink tutu is adorned with LED lights that will make you stand out on the dance floor at a club or in the crowds of a concert. Of course, you can also brighten up any sexy Halloween style too.

10.Jem and the Holograms Jem Deluxe Women’s Costume

DI46529 Gem and the Holograms

Relive the 80s with a colorful pop diva look. Remember this when you are looking for a wild style: “Jem is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.”

Whether your style is silly, sexy, or scary, you want to make an impression with your outfit. Your look will be sure to turn heads in any of these wild designs. From shining light-up looks to risqué adult costumes, you will be sure to find a look that fits your personal style and budget. Make your Halloween look one your friends will remember with an outrageous 2013 design.