Dressed for Justice: Top Superhero Accessories

superhero accessories

All members of the Justice League and the Avengers can attest – Being a hero is hard. It doesn’t have to be, though. The fine citizens working here at Costume Discounters have made it our mission to bring you the products that help you bring justice to the cities that need it the most.

Check out a few of our favorite accessories that will keep you looking as super as you are.

Wonder Woman’s Tiara & Cuffs

Wonder Woman Accessories

Sure, plenty of the wonder surrounding Diana Prince comes from her Themyscirian upbringing. You can’t discount, though, how vital her weaponized tiara and indestructible bracelets are to her success in combat. If you’re looking to represent the baddest chick this side of the Amazon, you can’t leave home without your Wonder Woman Kit.

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Captain American’s Shield

Captain America Accessories

Throughout his history in both comics and film, Steve Rogers has used several different color schemes and variations of this defensive and offensive weapon since his inception in 1941, but you’ll be sporting his most recent, and most famous, version when you go to battle with this  Captain America Shield, seen in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Batman’s Gloves

Batman Accessories

It’s no secret that Bruce Wayne has a lot of cool toys. One of his primary accessory choices often gets overlooked, though; his gloves. The gauntlets that line his forearms are used both on the defensive to block attacks and offensive, as he’s most recently used them to defeat villains in his last two on-screen interpretations. You don’t need to get dressed in a cave to make these Batman Arkham Gloves work.

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Thor’s Hammer

Thor Accessories

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. That’s literally what Thor’s Hammer says. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Superman’s Cape

Superman Accessories

Whether you’re a flier or a stylish faller, you’ll need a cape to catch the wind that passes you by. There’s no cape more easily recognized than the one worn by the last son of Krypton. Superman’s Cape is a must before you preach to the innocent about truth, justice and the American way.

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Don’t let evil win! When you dress with superhero accessories from Costume Discounters, you’re dressing for success. If you need to take the extra step to ensure your city’s safety, check out our superhero costumes, too!