Friday Fight: Voltron vs. Megazord vs. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Voltron Megazord

This week’s Friday Fight is a special edition Triple Threat Match featuring three of Hollywood’s most recognizable robots.

Voltron, commonly known as “The Defender of the Universe,” is easily the most seasoned out of the three. Since making its debut in the Fall of 1985, Voltron has managed to stay relevant through different variations of comic books and video games.

Megazord, as hard as it may be to believe, is the newbie to this battle. As a staple of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise, the Megazord’s one advantage may also prove to be a disadvantage, as it’s controlled entirely by humans. Like Voltron, the Megazord possesses the ability to come apart and act as five different machines.

The self-appointed leader of the Transformers, Prime debuted just months after Voltron, but unlike the other two participants in this Friday Fight, has almost never seen a drop in popularity. He’s been riding a whole new wave of fame since the first Michael Bay film hit theaters in 2007, and he’s prepped to position the Autobots into the hearts of America once again this summer, this time, with superstar Mark Wahlberg by his side.

So, does Optimus Prime easily roll through this Friday Fight? Do the Power Rangers will their Zords to a win? Or does Voltron find a way to form the victory?



Thanks to Hailey Celeste for voting Megazord as the winner of our Friday Fight!