What to Wear to Spring Break

Warm weather is just around the corner and students are studying for and finishing up their Spring Semester Midterm Exams, which means only one thing to college kids around the country. Spring Break!

Spring Break is fast approaching, so get ready for sunny days and partying all night! Spring vacation is always a welcome time of the year for college students. You get a nice little break from school work and have plenty of time for drinking, partying, and fun times with your friends. Whether you’re staying on campus for the break, headed home to catch up with old friends, or going on a big trip to celebrate the sunny weather, this halfway point in the school year is always a great time. With winter thawing and the snow starting to melt, kids are overzealous and anxiously excited to shed the bubble coats in exchange for bikinis. Make sure you have your Spring Break plans all set before vacation starts, you don’t want to waste valuable drinking time! Many kids travel for the mini vacation. Sunny spots are always a favorite and the Jersey Shore, Florida coast, Caribbean, and resort spots in Mexico are great destinations. Taking a cross country roadtrip with your best friends would be a blast, but foreign excursions to the Bahamas, Punta Cana, and Cancun are becoming more and more the norm. Celebrate the onset of sunny weather by travelling to a fun beach or tropical location. Every activity you do on Spring Break can be turned into a drinking game! Don’t over do it of course, but make sure you have as much fun as you can before heading back to boring old school.   Make sure you hit all the bars, beaches, clubs… and costume parties! There are a ton of fun costumes you can wear on Spring Break to add even more the festivities. Funny Costumes and drinking costumes make everything more fun! Why wear a costume on Spring Break? Well, we all get a little silly when we drink too much. Let loose and dress up in a hilarious costume. You’ll be the life of the party! We have some great choices that capture the party vibe of the break. Party girls can poke a little fun at themselves and dress up in our hilarious Wet T Shirt Winner Costume and guys that love drinking games could personify the classic game of beer pong with our Men’s Beer Pong Costume. If you plan to hit the beach side bar, show off some skin and be a bit daring by wearing our uproarious Borat Mankini outfit!

Add even more to the fun by making the party a costume party! Even if it isn’t a costume or theme party, make a hilarious impression by showing up in one of these fun costume choices. We have really fun couples costumes too. These cheeky costumes are pretty to the point so you can wear a hilarious outfit that isn’t short on the innuendo. Our Put Out The Fire Couples Set shows

off a Fireman’s costume with a hilarious hose and a women’s costume that comes with a prop extinguisher that doubles as a beer dispenser. The Electrical Plug and Socket and the USB and Port ensemble sets are just as funny with the same tongue in cheek touch that makes them so fun to wear. If you’re headed out solo for the night, get the point across and score some points for humor with our hilarious One Night Stand costume.

If you’re headed to Jamaica or another Caribbean hot spot, check out our hilarious Rasta Mon or Keep off the Grass costumes. If you plan to take a load off in Tijuana, dress up in our Tequila Sunrise costume that features a sombrero and colorful poncho.

Let loose and party with a wild abandon this Spring Break and check out our hilarious and fun costume choices that are perfect for partying in!