What’s Hot in Couples’ Costumes this Year?

Sometimes, it takes two to make a costume go right. Halloween is a great occasion for couples, as many of the best costumes are even better when you add a plus-one. Here are some hot ideas for couples’ costumes for 2011:

Captain America and Peggy Carter: The new Captain America movie redefines superhero cool when it comes to costumes. It’s easy to pull of the cute and vintage look of Peggy Carter, complete with a blouse and olive green skirt.

Harry and Hermoine: Now that the kids are all grown up and have said farewell after their last movie, why not commemorate by dressing up as the world’s favorite wizards?

Prince William and Kate Middleton: What woman in the world didn’t want to be Kate Middleton after the Royal Wedding? Guys can throw in a subtle (albeit a bit mean-spirited) joke by picking up a pair of exaggerated “British” teeth at the costume store.

Cowboy and alien: The movie “Cowboys & Aliens” may have tanked at the box office, but if you and your date go as one each of the movie’s warring factions, you’re sure to get some laughs from guests who will know what you’re talking about.

Connie and Coach Taylor: Practice your southern accents and go as the beloved mom and dad from “Friday Night Lights.”

Adam and Eve: The classic tan body suit and fig leaves never get old, and never fail to draw a laugh.