Disney Tunes To Get You Through The Work Week

Disney Tunes To Get You Through The Work Week

If you’re a postgrad stuck in the office right now, chances are you grew up during the Disney Renaissance era, when Walt Disney Animation Studios reignited their creativity with popular films and catchy songs. These tunes may have been fun as a child but for adults, they end up having a much deeper meaning. If you’re struggling on this hump day, it’s time to cut loose and revisit a simpler time!

1. Part of Your World; The Little Mermaid (1989)

No Disney princess has ever defined the emotions of the cubically-trapped (yes, we invented that term) more than Ariel. Living the life of a mermaid stuck in the sea is pretty much the equivalent of being stuck at your desk doodling for hours on end. Part of Your World is sure to inspire you to get through so you can “spend a day, warm on the sand.”

2. Belle; Beauty and the Beast (1991)

“There must be more to this provincial life.” Belle‘s opening number in this iconic film is sure to give you hope for more adventure once the weekend shows its beautiful face. But if your journey leads you to talking to your office supplies, it’s clearly time for you to get some sleep!

3. A Whole New World; Aladdin (1992)

“A hundred thousand things to see.” You will get to see them once 5PM finally hits on Friday afternoon! This upbeat tune is sure to motivate you to see a whole new world this weekend.

4. Hakuna Matata; The Lion King (1994)

“It means no worries for the rest of your days!” Nailing that presentation you have is important, but stop stressing out about it! This song emphasizes the importance of having a “problem-free philosophy.”

5. Just Around the Riverbend; Pocahontas (1995)

When you’re stuck in a never-ending meeting, you’ll always look “just around the riverbend,” as Pocahontas did. This inspirational tune will have you craving adventure as soon as possible! Just don’t try to smuggle any raccoons or hummingbirds into your conference room.

6. Out There; The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

The biggest blessing and curse of any office is the windows. You longingly gaze out of them and you are surely ready to “just live one day out there.” While that day approaches, you can listen to Quasimodo’s song to pump yourself up!

7. Go The Distance; Hercules (1997)

You are on your way! This inspirational ballad is a must for when you feel like giving up. Hercules’s song is sure to make you “go the distance” through meetings, presentations and beyond.

8. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You; Mulan (1998)

“Let’s get down to business!” The feeling Mulan gets when she retrieves that arrow at the top of the pole is very similar to how you’ll feel after getting through a never-ending afternoon. Turn up this tune at the end of every day to motivate you, as you’re one day closer to the end.

9. Strangers Like Me; Tarzan (1999)

“There’s something bigger out there.” Tarzan may be lacking in singing cartoon characters but it’s hard not to belt out Phil Collins. This song may not be as well known as the others on this list but the upbeat tune is sure to get you in the mood to conquer!

10. Bonus: Let It Go; Frozen (2013)

Did you really think any list of motivational Disney songs would be complete without Idina Menzel’s iconic power ballad? Frozen may not be a part of the Disney Renaissance but it undoubtedly inspired all ages to “let it go.” It’s one of the reasons why we won’t stop hearing the song for years to come!