Why are Zombies Everywhere?

You turn on the TV, and you see zombies (such as AMC’s The Walking Dead or SyFy’s Z Nation). They’re popular enough to have their own category on Netflix! Even when you step out of your house, there’s a chance you’ll see zombies (and not just on Halloween).

The fact is, zombies have never been more omnipresent in pop culture. Here are four theories why that’s true:

Theory 1: Zombies don’t make us feel bad about being lazy. They sleep all day. They wander around aimlessly. They don’t think too hard about anything. Zombies just kind of exist in their own world, and only their most basic instincts cause them to break their listlessness to feed on humans.

Theory 2: Zombies are a metaphor for our lives. Do you feel like you go to work, go through the motions, come home, sleep and repeat? If so, it’s pretty easy to identify with zombies. For those of us who are stuck in mindless routines, zombies offer plenty to identify with.

Theory 3: Zombies remind us what it’s like to be a part of something bigger. As advancing technology causes us to withdraw from the real world and immerse ourselves in a digitally-created universe, we want to remember what it’s like to be one with the masses. Nothing illustrates that warm feeling of belonging more than a crowd of moaning and wandering bodies.

Theory 4: Hollywood’s out of fresh ideas. This actually might be more than some harebrained theory.

All kidding and theories aside, the good old-fashioned thrills – or laughs – provided by zombie movies is hard to resist. That’s the real reason they keep coming back – pun intended.