Why Avenger Halloween Costumes are Better Than the Hollywood Versions


With the new action movie, The Avengers coming out, there has been a lot of talk about the potential blockbuster. Now that the movie has wrapped and people are buzzing about the film and the actors are opening up about the grueling conditions during filming. Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth were among the actors that also include Robert Downy, Jr and Tom Hiddleston who shared their thoughts about their Avengers costumes, namely how uncomfortable they were to wear. Its a good thing that The Avengers Halloween costumes are far more comfortable. Just listen to this:

Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow said her costume was made of skin tight latex. For a seamless look, she wore no underwear. To make matters worse, the movie was shot in the blazing hot New Mexico desert. OK – black latex, not underwear, oppressive heat? Scarlett must have been one hot mess. In fact, the costume was so uncomfortable that she broke out with a horrible skin condition.

Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, said his costume was so hot and heavy that it required its own min air conditioner. When you buy a Theatrical Quality Thor Costume for Halloween, you can guarantee it will look amazing and it won’t need its own HVAC system.

The Avengers costumes at Costume Discounters are based on the ones from the movie but they are made with materials that are comfortable in any weather. They’re a lot more affordable too.